6 Questions To Ask When Interviewing a Listing Agent

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You should feel secure, comfortable and well-advised when choosing your listing agent. We've compiled the Top 6 Questions you should use at your next listing presentation. 

1. How are you different from other agents ?

This question reveals their tenacity and character. Many agents learn scripts and sound like robots. A top agent will sound unscripted and give you a feel of who they are as a person. This question brings out an agents personality. If you want to know why your nonna's pasta sauce always tastes the best , a question like this will reveal the secret ingredient. 

2. What do you bring to the table?

Hopefully by the end of the listing presentation you will know the answer to this question. These key strategies should be included in their presentation; a marketing plan (digital and print), negotiation, prep of your home and many other strategies. A difference between a Top Agent and just another agent is their branding and that key strategy that no other agent would have. Call us and we will reveal the secret to selling your house. It's all part of the "magic touch" we have. 

3. How will you get us the price we want?

Always, always, always have options when pricing. A Top Agent will know the market, know your neighbourhood and have tiered pricing strategies. There are so many agents nowadays that get into the industry without knowing basic math. You'll be able to know immediately. Do you own research before hand.

4. Supply 3 references.

Many sellers don't even think to do this. And we aren't talking about testimonials from their parents, cousins, aunties and siblings. Get the number of past clients and call them up. Ask them about the process, ask them what they liked most, what they thought the agent could of improved on and any downfalls they went though.

5. Type of volume of transactions

Has the agent you're interviewing sold a home like yours before? Have they sold in your neighbourhood or municipality? What's their volume of transactions in each category? If you are selling a co-op housing unit, you would need an agent who has high volume of transactions in co-op housing, etc.

6. What are your numbers?

Best for last. Their numbers. It is so easy to manipulate stats. And it seems many agents are #1 in the market, #1 in the neighborhood, #1 globally. With aestriks (*) that lead to tiny words that reveal the truth behind the stat. Be careful when asking about Days on Market (DOM) vs. Average Sale. These are the two most skewed numbers in the market. 

Like our brokerage's vision we believe in being guardians of the Real Estate Industry. Taken from RE/MAX Hallmark website, "We are extremely proud of our industry and take on the responsibility of helping to grow our industry in the heart and minds of our consumers. We expect and deliver professional service and care to everyone we are privileged to serve."