Next Step After You Move In

Congratulations! We've found your new home together and you just moved in. Take a moment to let it all soak in. After opening up your #connexusadvantage welcome home package you're probably thinking of the million tasks on your to do list. For some, the honey to-do list. 

Unpack, measure, poke holes, drill, hammer, level, install, paint, clean, renovate -- design. Your interior design style is what brings everything all together. So forget about A-Z tasks and focus on how you would like your new home to look. We have a list of guys for the A-Z tasks. 

What kind of kitchen cabinets do you like; Wood vs. Glass vs. Sleek vs. Retro vs...

We've recently found this online interior design quiz that can help you find your style. The questions really help narrow down whether you're going to have fake flowers, branches and twigs or fresh flowers every 4-7 days. 

Sarah recently took it and got Contemporary for her design style. 

Contemporary Interior Design

Have a little fun on this work Friday afternoon and pop over to the Houzz website and take the quiz. Let us know what you got! 

And remember, whatever your home need is we are here to help. After all, it's #theconnexusadvantage