Business Lessons I learned from my Dad...


Tonight I took Maya to see a model home in a new subdivision (that's quality family time for a Realtor lol). While I was there, I was pointing out things to Maya that probably went over her head. Telling her about the side setback and the lot frontage and ceiling heights and such.

All of a sudden I had this warm feeling of nostalgia. My dad. What a guy. He used to take me to sites when he was a developer in Oakville. I was 9 years old when my dad was showing me the site that United Lands was working on. It was Heartland in Mississauga. I remember him pointing out where the roads were going. I remember him explaining the space that Hazel McCallion appointed for schools and parks. That day I remember vividly. I also remember many more just the same. 

My father spent a lot of time with his children. In doing so, I was fortunate to learn some very important life lessons and business principles that I value tremendously. This blog, I'm writing partially in tribute to you, Dad. Here are 6 lessons I learned about business from you. There's so much I appreciate about our time together. In no particular order... these came from your example:

1. No time like the present
What you must do tomorrow, do today. What you must do today, do it now. Pretty simple eh? Just get er done! 

2. What ever comes across your table, read it. 
You used to say this all the time. I remember "Take your kid to work day". I was in Grade 9 and you started your day reading not one, but 6 newspapers! Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Financial Post and National Post. This was all before 8 AM.

3. Value the Gift of Gab
I remember hearing that term a lot? Gift of Gab... conversational skills. I think I got that one ;)

4. Never stop learning
Stay humble and continue formal and informal education. Go to courses, read books, engage people. No one can ever take away your education. I remember my dad saying all the time "I have my papers" in reference to his multiple university degrees.

5. Never forget where you came from
This meant more then one thing for my Dad. He was very proud of his North Indian descent. Also very aware of the struggles his parents went through (especially his mother) to provide for him and his siblings. 

6. Family First.
Despite a successful and time consuming career, my father was always home for dinner and always with his family on the weekends. Now as my career is consuming more of my time, I find balance a challenge but I recognize from your example... family first.

When I left IBM and started on this Realtor path, I could see your joy in those first years when I'd do a deal. I remember my first open house, you and Mom came to see me at that Malvern Townhome.  Flash forward ten years and I'm a top producer with ReMax, a Team Leader and continuing to receive accolade. I wish you were here to share these experiences, but after one time is another. Now I'm the father and Maya and Dhilan are the kids.


Thank you for you Dad. Business is about giving. No wonder you did well. You gave it your all.

Ravi Singh was name one of the most Interesting People in Real Estate by Inman News in 2016. Award winning Realtor with ReMax Hallmark and team leader at The Connexus Group.


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