What do we have in common with New Edition and The Golden State Warriors?

We are hiring. We've announced to the world that we are looking to grow our team and our capacity. Its exciting and my vision is thoroughly different then some teams. Many teams in real estate are labelled after the team leader and the team leader is the alpha... with other realtors plugged into their respective roles. For example, Inside Sales Agent, prospecting and open house agent, buyer agent, etc.

This is like Diana Ross and the Supremes. Who can name the other member of the Surpremes? Not me without Google.

I want to be more like New Edition. New Edition was a pop icon group, but every member of New Edition was a superstar in their own right. Bobby Brown is MR RnB. Johnny Gill had vocals like no one else. Bel Biv Devoe has some of the most iconic songs of all time and Ralph Tresvant... well he was the most talented of them all.

No one member of New Edition couldn't stand on their own, and as a band... they were even bigger then all of them apart.

Another example... the Golden State Warriors. Let's face it... KD and Steph are both MVP worthy players. The whole team is mega talent, and they're a TEAM!

That's the idea behind Connexus. A group of individuals who are extremely talented pooling their resources to create an even better organization. Justin is an amazing agent. Driven, courteous, big thinking and highly knowledgable. Sarah is one of the most organized, detail oriented, resourceful agents out there. Myself... I've been an ambassador for my company and have been considered one of the best examples of high service agents in the industry. We are pooling our resources to create a platform for agents to have every possible advantage to be the best version of themselves in their career. AND have a lot of fun and help a lot of people. 

Do you want to engage with us? Are you an agent who wants to be belly to belly with clients, building your circle and at the same time working on a team with the best administration, marketing, coaching, accountability and facilities possible?

Have you sold 10 properties on your own, and you've experienced the peaks and valleys of real estate? Do you go from very unbusy to being incapable of doing it all at the same time? Find your fit with us. 

Send me a message and let's talk about whether you're ideal for Connexus.