ReMax Housing Outlook 2017

This past week, ReMax Integra released their Canadian National Housing Outlook. Part of this report is a review of many major economic sectors including the Greater Toronto Area. Here are some key projections:

• Policies around building on the Ontario Greenbelt are expected to continue affecting inventory levels, as the number of single-detached homes developers are able to build is restricted and therefore not able to meet demand

• The effect of tightened mortgage rules and anticipated mortgage rate increases will impact housing affordability in the GTA

• The RE/MAX 2017 average residential sale price expectation for the Greater Toronto Area is an increase of 8 per cent

8 Percent average appreciation is very healthy. We are planning on teaching fundamentals of real estate investing this 2017. Stay tuned to learn about how to leverage the real estate market to build wealth for you and your family.

Here is the entire report: