Wow! What a year it was! If we were to pick one word to sum up this year it would be 'thankful'. Sounds cheesy but it's true. Thankful for surviving 2016 housing market, thankful for our clients, thankful for our family & friends. But most of all thankful for our health. Here's what stood out to us as the BEST of 2016.

Number One

#1 has to go to the kids. Because they're so gosh darn cute! One of our warmest memories this year was Connexus Family Day. (Happening again in 1.5 months!) Seeing the look on all 30 of the kids faces that walked through our doors when they saw Elsa from Frozen (or the candy table), was one of our most precious memories this year. 

Number Two

26! The number of Condo Club meetings Ravi held this year. The Condo Club is an opportunity for all Re/MAX Hallmark agents to get together and learn inside tricks to the Condo world. It's also gives the agents a chance to collaborate and exchange exclusive listings. Thank you Ravi for organizing and running all Twenty-Six meetings this year and all the other years!

Number Three

 We launched our new website

One of this years' goals was to give the viewers (that's you!), some of the best content in the industry. We wanted to give you up-to-date information on breaking news in the industry. And that we did. One of the best takeaways from our website isn't just our listings, it's our blog. It answers all your questions, from new downpayment rules to what the heck an assignment is. We didn't just stop there. We connected all of our social media platforms to give you a look into the real estate world, LIVE

Shout out to Andrew Fogliato for helping us with it all.

Number Four

#4 has to go to the listing we sold in less than FOUR hours. The 2016 real estate market played a huge role in us setting a new record. But it wouldn't of been made possible without the go-getter mentality all three of us agents have. We are a part of a brokerage that believes in "raising the bar". To us that means delivering the highest quality service at every level. So to get a deal done within FOUR hours meant all hands on deck. Ravi taking care of the transaction with Alicia and Justin & Sarah taking care of all the rest of the clients. This wouldn't have been possible without each other. So #4 goes to our four hour deal that reminded us how great it is to have each others support, not just for us as agents, but for our clients as well. 

Number Five

Our favourite five letter word this year was P-A-R-T-Y! Life is a party. If it isn't in your life yet, it should be. This year we learnt that life can be short and life WILL throw you curve balls. Ravi had a health scare early in the year. When he was in the clear we added a new goal to our list for the year. To live life to the fullest. We brought that into all aspects of our lives including our careers. We threw not one, not two, not three, nope not even four! But five big bashes this year. And next year we are going to top it all! Being part of the Connexus family means business and pleasure.

Number Six

We debated putting this one on the list. We're never the type to brag but we are pretty dang proud of this. Highest sale of this year was a whopping $3.83 million in St-Andrews neighbourhood. 2017 Goals: 10 more just like it! 

Number Seven

Lucky #7 goes to our Superstar Suppliers! Our stager, moving companies, cleaners, photographers, videographers, mortgage brokers, lawyers and everyone else in between. This year would not have happened without you. 

Number Eight


 85! We've helped move 85 people and their families this year. There's still time for our last one or two deals to close but we will say 85 for now. We will keep you posted. Snapchat, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram.



Number Nine

This year Connexus Group went INTERNATIONAL! Thanks to Ravi! He had one of his best years yet! Taking his knowledge and expertise internationally. Ravi spoke at 5 conferences this year. We believe in helping everyone. Ravi doesn't hold his knowledge in just for himself. He uplifts others and wants everyone to succeed. With the stigma the industry has (agents fighting agents), it's refreshing to be a part of a team that wants to see everyone at their best, not just ourselves. If 2016 wasn't your year, 2017 will be. Whatever walk of life you come from, if you ever need help. We are here for you. 

Congratulations Ravi on your success and thank you.  

Number Ten

Year Ten. Earlier this year marked Ravi's 10th year anniversary in real estate. In his own words

"June 8th 2006 was the day I received my license to practice real estate in Ontario. Today is my 10 year anniversary as a realtor. Thank you to EVERYONE who has been with me on this journey. What a ride it's been. It's had its ups, higher ups and its downs. Every experience has made me who I am and I thank you for it." 

Couldn't have said it any better! 

Number Eleven

 2016 brought our newest member, me! (Sarah)

The only way to describe this year is...blessed. Ravi, Angela, Justin, Alicia and all their families have become my family. Saying thank you for bringing me into your families isn't enough to show my appreciation for you all. 

Number Twelve

JC! Justin Chang! This one is dedicated to you! It's one thing to be successful and to hit your goals year after year AND to always be at your best. But for you Justin, you have been humble, kind, funny and a darn good buddy all around. I wish I was Justin's client! Going out to showings, or at any appointment, you're bound to have a good laugh. It's those darn dimples and his charm! 

Number Thirteen

 As agents we are use to skipping the number thirteen. Elevator jokes anyone? No? Okay, I tried. In all seriousness, thirteen is a bad number in many cultures. In this list we are going to take it for the good. We'll dedicate #13 to some of the mistakes we've made this year. Yes, we've made mistakes. Without mistakes there wouldn't be experiences and without experience we wouldn't have learned! So this year goes to all those darn lockboxes that wouldn't open, all those doors we opened for showings and had been yelled at by sellers/tenants to come back later and for all the "running 10 mins behind" that we can't get back for not predicting the unpredictable Toronto traffic. 


Number Fourteen

2016 was nerve-wracking for our sellers and buyers. Learning when to stop in multiple offers, knowing how to not over pay and for sellers, getting the most from the market. We have put 100s of thousands of dollars in our sellers pockets. And on the flip side we have established and implemented strategies to save our buyers 100s of thousands of dollars. This year we have been navigating the fast-past 2016 market with pose and ease.

Number Fifteen

Breakfast in Bahamas this year brought together over 150 of our Connexus Family. From Ssteel drum living up our guest in the lobby to a warm breakfast to the Samba Heat Entertainment dancers adding a playful touch to the morning to all of the winners of our giveaways. We want to thank everyone again who came and can't wait for a bigger event in 2017! 


Number Sixteen

Last but definitely not least. This should be #1 actually. But we leave the good for last to see if you read all the way through ;). 

The opportunities we have been given this year have given us the opportunity to give back. It's not just part of our sales pitch. Justin, Ravi and I all give back a portion of each sale to charities. This year we have been able to give back over $10,000. However, we wouldn't have been able to do it without YOU. 


So with that we thank you for being a part of our 2016 journey. We're excited to see what 2017 holds for everyone. We wish you all the utmost success and happiness. 

See you in 2017! Happy New Year!