Selling Port Union: 8 Things to love about this east end neighbourhood...

SELLING PORT UNION: Insight on one of our favourite East GTA neighbourhoods.

Port Union Waterfront at Sunrise.

When I got married in 2010, it was known that we were going to raise a family and spend our lives in Port Union. When I started dating Angela she raved about where she grew up. She wanted to stay in the area, not just for familiarity but for all of the things Port Union offered. Its a neighbourhood known by many names... with West Rouge and Port Union being the most common. We're going to stick with Port Union for now which basically describes an area bordered by bridges and water... Highland Creek on the West, Lake Ontario on the South, Rouge River on the East and Highway 401 on the North.

In my tenure with ReMax I've had the pleasure of helping many buyers and sellers in the area. We bring a fresh perspective to the neighbourhood and offer unique efforts in marketing and sales that have yielded very positive benefits to our client family.

So without further adieu, here is a list of the 8 best things about owning a home in Port Union:

1. GO Train - A Commuters Dream.

Rouge Hill GO is a mere 22 minutes from Union Station. Since they've started running every 30 minutes the added convenience just helps with property value. I can't tell you how many times clients in the area have said "Rav if I move... I want to be close to a GO. I just can't give that up!" Personally I drive to most appointments but a night on the town is always a good start with a GO train downtown. (Ask me about a funny story on the way to Cactus Club when you get a chance!)


2. Schools - Every parent's concern

Whether its St. Brendan's Catholic Elementary or Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate or one of the many other phenomenal schools in the area, homeowners and parents can rest assured that the education system is thriving in Port Union. My daughter will be starting JK in September and I was overwhelmed by the care and commitment of both the teaching staff and the parent council at her soon to be school. This neighbourhood is a great place for your child to receive their education.

3. Its Still 416 - Some people just need to be in Toronto

I can't tell you how many clients have said to us "we just don't want to be in Durham." Now don't get me wrong, there are 101 different reasons why we love Altona Forest, Amberlea, Eagle Glen, Lakeside Village, Wyndham Manor, West Shore, New Seaton, Williamsburg and more... but there is something to be said about being a 416er. A sense of Torontoism that is hard to describe, but Port Union is part of Toronto. One of its best kept secrets albeit.  

4. Toronto Metro Zoo - A park like no other

Are you kidding me? Just a 5 minute drive to one of the GTA's most famous attractions. Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, there is so much to learn and do at the Metro Zoo. Our family benefits from the annual pass with lots of perks. If you live in the area, take a look into the benefits of membership at the zoo. Did you know they have a special Haloween event called Boo at The Zoo? Or the fact that you can stay overnight and camp out at the zoo? There's a lot to offer and experience at the Metro Zoo. 

5. Waterfront Appeal - Lake Ontario at your feet.

Anyone who studies the GTA real estate market will understand the benefit of close proximity to the Waterfront. From South Oakville, to Mimico, The Beaches, to The Bluffs, waterfront property in the GTA has performed exceedingly well. The waterfront investment by the Municipality and other branches of the government has continued expansion for the Port Union waterfront. The current bike trails and beaches include Port Union Waterfront Park, Rouge Beach and the newly completed Chesterton Shores. More to come and more to enjoy for locals to Port Union.

6. Property Value  - Outperforming the average

The average value of a home in Port Union saw a whopping 13.7% year over year appreciation in 2015. In 2016... you guessed it, more of the same. Values in the area will continue to appreciate. As more people become aware of the expansive lots, substantial ratio of detached homes, and quick lakeshore commute to downtown... Port Union is going to continue to outperform the average. Toronto Life wrote an article in August 2014 about a home in Port Union selling for $1.14M. Since then, there have been over 22 7-figure listings that have left that sale in the dust. Values keep rising which is good for Port Union buyers. 

7. Community Businesses - Local matters

If you're experiential like me, you don't want to spend your night eating out at the franchise cookie cutter restaurant and you don't want to shop at the local big box store. Port Union has a local feel. There are many thriving local businesses. From great eats to thriving small businesses, we love many of the local entrepreneurs making it happen. Here is a partial list of some of the great people and businesses making Port Union special:

Lamanna's Bakery
Awesome Italian fare including pizzas, gelato, espresso, antipasti and more!
Simply Frosted Cupcakery 
Recently featured in BlogTO as one of the best, try any of their delicious custom creations and you'll see why.
Rouge Chiropractic
Dr Erica Bell knows her stuff. She is an awesome Chiropractor and her RMT staff is par excellence. Definitely worth a try.
Sofi's Bar and Grill
Craving Mexican? Sofi's is awesome. Try any of their amazing tacos and if you like it spicy... ask them about Shaun's hot sauce!
Husband For Hire 
Do you have a "Honey Do List" Al and his son Joey run a great company for all of the jobs around the house. None to small, none to big, Husband for Hire gets the job done.
Ryouko Martial Arts
Our client Jon runs one of the best Martial Arts schools in the East GTA. Tell him Ravi or Justin sent you and ask for the full tour.
Fratelli Village Pizzeria
Close to my heart. We've eaten here many times. Sal is the best front of the house Restauranteur in the area. Be sure to try their Pizza Vittoria or their awesome Chicken Paparadelle. 
Port Union Bakery
30 years in the neighbourhood and great backing on premises. Be careful... their donuts are addictive!

These are some of our favourites but there's even more to discover in Port Union. Local matters.

8. A neighbourhood that cares - Welcome Home

This is rightfully one of the most important criteria for buying in a neighbourhood. Port Union boasts many community associations including the CCRA which has been the voice of the community since 1949. You'll meet great people and you'll have awesome experiences. For more information on this great area to live, contact us any time. We'd love to talk more!

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We've sold a lot of properties recently in Port Union. Our latest success story being a townhouse on Lawrence across from Mowat. If you're in the market looking to buy or sell... we'd love to connect.

Call me personally on my cell at 416-992-2942. I'd love to hear from you.


Thank you!





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80 Baycliffe Drive - SOLD $110k over asking with 5 competing offers.

So here's a little story...

We listed 80 Baycliffe Drive for clients that were interviewing 4 different agents. They interviewed some of the "number 1" agents in the area and they had heard good things about all of them. When we went for the meeting about the sale, Sarah and myself met with the sellers for about an hour.

These sellers had a horrible experience in the past. Their agent was a friend of a friend and there was a concern about trust. They felt they were being under serviced and that ultimately they didn't get value. 

After meeting with all 4 different agents, the husband said to me.. "Ravi you've won over my wife, we are going with The Connexus Group".

That's when the prep started. Kudos to the entire team, we quarterbacked the cleaning, the furniture removal, the junk removal, the declutter and the staging. The house had a 92 hour makeover and we were very proud of the outcome. Lots of funny stories to tell at about moving futons and surveillance cameras and more (but we'll save that for another time).

Then our exposure story started. We had built hype around the property through our ReMax Hallmark colleagues and we had our in-house photography/videography team create some wonderful marketing pieces. Very proud of our custom site for the unbranded tour, that featured the music video shot by the very talented Jordan DeGuzman, newly drawn floor plans by Real Floor Plans and MarCom copy written by myself and Alicia. The photos were shot using HDR and very high end equipment. My favourite part of the video was capturing the golfers and the playground. As well as the joggers and the Canadian flag. We knew we were selling more than 4 walls. We were selling a lifestyle and a location.


Exposure isn't just about creating content, its about delivering it to the write audience. In this case, open house, Instagram videos, sponsored Facebook targeted videos, For Sale signs and geographic targeting all helped our cause. Sarah showed the property to 6 different buyers. One in particular said many times "I saw the video on my train ride home and called my wife saying we need to see this house. Then the video just followed me around".

So what was the end result? We had 61 showings. We had 5 second showings. We had 4 people show the house 4 times. We ended up with6 offers. 

We sold this house. We helped this family. We crushed records on the sale price. We got a new member of our Connexus Client Family. They got #theconnexusadvantage.

You should too!

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What's Up Durham!

The 2016 Durham Real Estate Market is on FIRE! 

Starter detached homes in Durham have been flying off the market. Some not even getting to market before they are gone. You might have seen the "coming soon" signs and then "sold" the next day. There's no magic happening here. Bully offers are a common occurrence in today's market.

Not only are properties flying off the cuff in Pickering/Ajax and Whitby. The difference in % of for sale price and sold price is almost always 100% and up.

Here are 3 graphs to describe what is happening in Pickering, Ajax and Whitby in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We've taken both the Average (blue) and Highest (orange).  Note these are stats based on detached homes with 3 bedrooms in Pickering, Ajax and Whitby. Also, 2016 stats are not complete (January - April). 

Whitby % Difference of Listing Price to Sold

Whitby in 2014 average sale price to sold price was 100%. Where in this year the Average sale price is above asking at 105%. The high of 2016 thus far has been sold 128% above asking. 

Ajax Listing Price vs Sale Price

Ajax's 2014 average sale price to sold price is 100% where 2016 is 104% above asking. From 2014 to 2015 the highest above askign % went up 5% from 126% to 131%.


Pickering Listing Price to Sold Price

Same goes for Pickering. The common trend here is properties are going above asking price.The average sold price is typically more than 100% over asking. 

So how do you win a bidding war? How do you get one step ahead of the competition? Read our "how to win a bidding war" blog post on tips and tricks.