Birds/Racoons/Squirrels... its that time of the year!

*Birds/Racoons/Squirrels… its that time of the year!*

A lot of home owners in the East GTA are dealing with everything the Spring
brings. Better weather means home maintenance. One of the biggest
challenges of this time of the year is animal visitors.

We’ve had some birds in our kitchen exhaust. They’ve set up a nest and have
been having out in our exhaust hood for the past week. They chirp in the
morning and other than that, aren’t a bother. But needless to say, we have
to remove them.

We looked at a couple different Wildlife removal companies. We ended up
going with:

Gates Wildlife Control

Here’s a snapshot:

We called Gates on Monday. Their sales/bookings contact was Jenn. She was
very good. She knew how to answer all of my questions. It was peak time, so
we were able to book an appointment for Thursday.

Blake was awesome. He was punctual, well presented and throughly knew what
he was talking about. He knew I had to get out for an appointment and
handled his job with an expeditious nature. He removed the nest, resealed
the exhaust cap and put a metal mesh underneath the cap. He also suggested
that we put metal mesh on the other two openings (for the dryer vent and
for the bathroom fan which we did.

Cost: $295 + HST

Additional Mesh: $26 + HST each

They also honoured a homestars coupon for $25.

Would I recommend again: YES

Would I reuse this service: YES

Ask for Jenn or Blake. Tell them Ravi from EastGTALiving sent you!