80 Baycliffe Drive - SOLD $110k over asking with 5 competing offers.

So here's a little story...

We listed 80 Baycliffe Drive for clients that were interviewing 4 different agents. They interviewed some of the "number 1" agents in the area and they had heard good things about all of them. When we went for the meeting about the sale, Sarah and myself met with the sellers for about an hour.

These sellers had a horrible experience in the past. Their agent was a friend of a friend and there was a concern about trust. They felt they were being under serviced and that ultimately they didn't get value. 

After meeting with all 4 different agents, the husband said to me.. "Ravi you've won over my wife, we are going with The Connexus Group".

That's when the prep started. Kudos to the entire team, we quarterbacked the cleaning, the furniture removal, the junk removal, the declutter and the staging. The house had a 92 hour makeover and we were very proud of the outcome. Lots of funny stories to tell at about moving futons and surveillance cameras and more (but we'll save that for another time).

Then our exposure story started. We had built hype around the property through our ReMax Hallmark colleagues and we had our in-house photography/videography team create some wonderful marketing pieces. Very proud of our custom site for the unbranded tour, that featured the music video shot by the very talented Jordan DeGuzman, newly drawn floor plans by Real Floor Plans and MarCom copy written by myself and Alicia. The photos were shot using HDR and very high end equipment. My favourite part of the video was capturing the golfers and the playground. As well as the joggers and the Canadian flag. We knew we were selling more than 4 walls. We were selling a lifestyle and a location.


Exposure isn't just about creating content, its about delivering it to the write audience. In this case, open house, Instagram videos, sponsored Facebook targeted videos, For Sale signs and geographic targeting all helped our cause. Sarah showed the property to 6 different buyers. One in particular said many times "I saw the video on my train ride home and called my wife saying we need to see this house. Then the video just followed me around".

So what was the end result? We had 61 showings. We had 5 second showings. We had 4 people show the house 4 times. We ended up with6 offers. 

We sold this house. We helped this family. We crushed records on the sale price. We got a new member of our Connexus Client Family. They got #theconnexusadvantage.

You should too!

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