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Content is King of The 6ix.

I’ve loved Toronto all my life. As a kid in the East Borough (Scarborough),
diversity and multiculturalism were plentiful. Moving West to the
neighbouring city (love to Mississauga), I missed being 416. I was so happy
to return in my high school days.

My music studies propelled me to experience the eclecticism of the Downtown
Core. Toronto was young in its iconicism. It had a ways to go before
becoming what it is today, the 4th largest city in North America, with the
highest growth spurt in the history of Canada. Those formative years, had
me visiting Parkdale, The Annex, Queen West, Yonge Corridor, Harbourfront
and Gerrard Bazaar all the time. Every corner was something cool and hip.
Every experience taught me something about my town and what it was becoming.

As a nightlife promoter, The city’s early 2000s made for an unmatched
playground. Weekly all nighters started early and and ended early the next
morning. My gig was to drive attendance to the Entertainment district.
Hosting epic nights of music and dance. Heavy libations helped to forge
deep relationships that continue to grow today. I became the go to resource
for best musically inclined places for 20 somethings to spend their
disposable income. Richmond Street, Queen Street, Peter Street, King Street
and Duncan Street hosted thousands each night. It was a globally admired
entertainment mecca and my intimacy with Downtowon Toronto became that much

Flash Forward to 2006. A newly licensed Re/Max Real Estate agent sells his
first assignment condo the first week on the job. His client purchases a
loft at 169 John Street as the condo boom and that agent’s career begin a
mega story. From its inception, my career has lead two lives. I am an
authority on Toronto’s downtown market, and an equal resource when it comes
to the East End (SMAP… see if you can figure it out).

2015 is the start of making something bigger then me. My business is
boutique. Its amazing. Its a collection of 229 relationships I hold close
to my heart, that result in countless referrals and provide for my

But we live in the digital age. As I grow, I admire the hyper-connectivity
that is available to us. My humble offering? Two social media presences
that with your help, take flight. Join me on this journey, as
ect? See the Core or
the East End from our eyes. We’re a boutique ReMax team that is guiding you
on eats, treats, stops, must haves and real estate. Beautiful Real Estate.

More to come. Much More to Come. After all, content is King.