Some feedback on Streetcar developments...

That Millenial who wants their home to embrace their neighbourhood’s
vibrancy. That empty nester who is avoiding the dreaded shoebox in the sky.
The young couple who are planning a family. There are so many buyers out
there who are fearful of new construction condos. Many of them have heard
horror stories about builders taking short cuts. Many of them have seen
prices sky rocket and are wary of a condo crash.

As I’ve said before, good product is good product. And I will repeat again,
good product is good product. So, the question then arrives… “Who is
making good product?”. Enter Streetcar Developments.

I’m really happy to report that many of my clients who live in Streetcar
buildings are fond of them. For those who have purchased pre-construction,
the delivery of their condos have been, for the most part a positive
experience. Streetcar has been well acknowledged for their post sales
customer service. They’re quite helpful in the Inspection process and
fixing anything that comes up in the PDI.

Recently, clients of mine have purchased in The Carlaw (Leslieville) and 8
Gladstone (Queen West). Both have said the sales team were educators and
facilitators. Not the hard sales type. Both have seen their price point
slowly climb over the past year. Slow and steady is always a good thing.

On the resale market, I have clients who adore their homes at Academy Lane
Lofts and Queen City Vinegar Co. In both instances, the properties are
known for their hard loft architecture. My clients unit at Academy Lane
really is one of a kind. Not the easiest thing to achieve with condo units
(or subdivision for that matter).

What prompted me to write this blog was an encounter with the sales team
for Streetcar’s new project The Southward in Kingston Village. Get to know
this project and this builder. In a meeting last week, we discussed the
mandate to connect to nature and embrace the changing landscape of Kingston
Village. It was hosted by Sara Rowshanbin who is very knowledgeable and the
head of the Sales Team at The Southwood.

Streetcar’s website sums up their philosophies:

“Streetcar is not about building Toronto’s tallest tower or biggest condo
mega-complex. On the contrary. We’re about designing boutique buildings
that complement, not compete, with the neighbourhood”

Philosophies that I embrace fully as well.

As always, if you want to talk real estate, we’re at your service.